WheelDozers are powerful machines used primarily for ground movements operations and cargo hauling operations. The machine consists of a tractor, a chassis that supports on the ground that can be a system of wheels or a system of chains or truck and a trailing blade. Within the product catalog of the LSyM group you will find both types of dozers.

Although the most common task is to push large quantities of materials to a heap, excavators are also used to perform floor cleaning and tearing, excavation, refilling and road construction.

Wheeldozers are more appropriate than caterpillars for jobs with greater distances, faster and on dry and hard terrain. It reaches higher speed than caterpillars and behaves badly on muddy, rocky terrain.

The wheels of this machine are not directional, the rotation of the machine is carried out by means of the frame jog, by means of two hydraulic cylinders (while one cylinder lengthens the other shortens)

Why use the Wheeldozer Simulator of LSyM?

The use of the simulator developed by the LSyM group provides the operator with the optimal training to perform tasks such as:

  • Cleaning and sorting of terrain.
  • Push of loose materials.
  • Leveling of terrain.
  • Excavations in a straight line.
  • Formation of piles or heaps.
  • Realization of earthworks.

In addition you will get the necessary skills to avoid or know how to act in situations of risk such as:

  • Hitting, trapping, bumping and collision with or against vehicles.
  • Entrapment of persons in an articulation.
  • Collisions with objects.
  • Fires.
  • Thermal and / or electrical contacts.
  • Rollovers.
WheelDozer view WheelDozer helper WheelDozer material WheelDozer interior cabin


  • Cabin located on platform with 2 to 6 degrees of freedom.
  • Steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedals for driving.
  • Real operation console.
  • Digital sound effects from real environment.
  • Instructor's console with full control over the simulation.
  • Projection system with 2 to 5 high resolution screens.

Visualization system

  • 3D graphics with great detail.
  • External views displaying machine parameters.
  • Multiple cameras to allow the user to change the viewpoint.
  • HUD (Head-Up Display) panel of lighting lamp based on real machines.
  • Shaders' implementation to provide a greater point of excellence to our graphics.
  • Visual helpers.
  • Graphical friendly user intuitive interface.
WheelDozer parking WheelDozer HUD WheelDozer Helper WheelDozer interface

Special conditions

Work in different time zones: sunrise, day, sunset, dusk, night
WheelDozer Dawn Wheeldozer Day
Weather events: wind, rain, fog, snow, etc.
WheelDozer rain WheelDozer fog
Other conditions
  • Realistic response to collisions based on their severity.
  • Environmental conditions: smoke, dust, etc.

WheelDozer theoretical module

Main functions

  • Dynamic terrain.
  • Real-time machine response depending on the type of the terrain and the load.
  • The main accelerations and movements that are perceived in the cabin.
  • Structural vibration and deformation.
  • Simulation of all articulations and hydraulic pistons of the real machine.
  • Immersive environment based on "Virtual Reality", techniques analogous to the real environment of a workspace of a quarry.
  • Injection of failures by the instructor at runtime.
  • Collaborative mode. Ability for multiple users to interact in the simulation.
  • Theoretical module.
  • Avatars.
  • Auxiliary information window the status and position of the machine and the operation commands.
  • Multi language.
  • Screen information for both the user and the instructor.
  • 100% configurable sensors.
  • On-line system of report of faults or comments by the client.
  • Implementation of a _Softpanel_ that allows the control of the machine through the mouse of the PC.

Instructional design

One of the highlights of our wheeldozer simulator is the complete instructional design that it possesses, the student thanks to him will overcome exercises until completing the optimal training to operate with this type of machines.

The user of our simulator can perform, among others, the following exercises:

  • Test questions.
  • Basic Driving.
  • Driving on ramps.
  • Circuits with obstacles.
  • Parking.
  • Material push.
  • Reduce stacked material.
  • Basic cutting operations.
  • Material push on ascending / descending slopes.
  • Groove grading.
  • Trench filling.

Reports at the instructor's console

  • Starting and ending time of the session.
  • Date.
  • Time length of session.
  • Finished exercises.
  • Control handling log.
  • Velocity log.
  • Collision log.
  • Dangerous maneuvers log.
WheelDozer User Management

User Management

In our simulator, the instructor can manage the exercises of each student, as well as having all the information of the progress of all students in the database

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