Hardware Solutions

Our simulators are designed following the general principles of modularity, scalability, standardization and flexibility for upgrades or modifications. LSyM use standard components (Commercial Off The Shelf - COTS) to implement our simulators, achieve cost reduction and maximize system maintenance and independence.

When it comes to providing students with the best training possible, the more realistic the simulator that reproduces the operating environment will achieve better results and the satisfaction of end users. This is what experts call presence. The presence is obtained by stimulating the human senses in a way similar to the real conditions. Although the use of precise software is the most important (realistic visual, sound and dynamic models), the hardware used in the simulator is also of vital importance for the user to have the greatest sensation of immersion possible, working in the virtual world.

When we develop our simulators, we always intend to reduce costs in those elements that we consider to impact less directly in the presence of the simulator. We see more important the computer system, the visual system and the audio system that have for example an exact replica of the simulator booths or a platform of movement of six degrees of freedom.

Following a gallery with some photos of some of our developments is shown:

  • Simulator consoles
Consola Carretilla ElevadoraConsola Simulador PortuarioConsola Simulador MineríaConsola Simulador Portuario2

  • Desktop Trainers
Entrenador Sobremesa STSEntrenador FarmEntrenador IndustrialEntrenador Logitech

  • Medium Size Simulators
Simulador Gama Media ReachstackerSimulador Operador STSSimulador Gama Media MineríaSimulador Minero

  • Advanced Simulators
Simulador Gama Alta 1Simulador Gama Alta 2Interior CabinaSimulador Gama Alta Carretilla Elevadora

  • Simulators inside Container
Simulador Contenedor PortuarioSimulador Contenedor Portuario ApagadoSimulador Contenedor Puesto OperadorSimulador Contenedor STS Encendido