Combine harvester, combined or mower-thresher is an agricultural machine that mows, threshes and cleans, i.e. harvests the products of the main crops. The term combine harvester is generally limited to those that harvest cereals and certain oilseeds such as soybeans, sunflower, rapeseed and flax, excluding machines such as the cotton picker or harvester, the sugarcane harvester and those that harvest vegetables and fruit trees.

Why use LSyM's Harvester Simulator?

LSyM presents an advanced Harvester simulator. For its development, the most advanced techniques in 3D graphic applications have been used, using all the potential of one of the most powerful and widespread graphic engines, OpenSceneGraph. In this line of development, the Harvester simulator provides a total immersion environment, which makes this simulator the ideal tool to develop the operator's skills, to offer him the training material to carry out his routine and to prepare him for the use of the real machine.

The main objective of this simulator is to be able to fully instruct future harvester operators in a cheaper and less dangerous way than doing the same operation on the real machine.

Harvester working 1 Harvester working 2 Harvester general

Visualization System

Highly detailed 3D graphics
Intuitive graphical interface

Special Conditions

Different time slots for simulation: dawn, midday, dusk, evening, night
Harvester afternoon Harvester night
Atmospheric conditions: wind, rain, fog, snow, etc.
Harvester rain Harvester snow

Main functions

  • Dynamic terrain.
  • Real starting and stopping procedure.
  • Driving and operation of the machine is performed in a carefully designed agricultural environment in order to be able to perform all the necessary exercises.
  • Accurate simulation of the machine transmission.
  • Dynamic response of the machine.
  • Ability of the instructor to produce real time faults.
  • Dynamic avatars.
  • On-screen information for both the user and the instructor.
  • Information window with status and position of the machine and operation commands.
  • Softpanel design and implementation that allows full control of the machine using the PC mouse.
  • Theory module.
  • Multi language.

Instructional Design

Our simulator consists of a complete instructional design divided into blocks, within each block there are a series of exercises that progressively increase in difficulty as the student overcomes them.

The operator's errors and notes are recorded and reported, we have a report where you mark collisions, graphs and evaluate your exercise.

The results of the exercise are automatically saved, so students can progress as they wish, always knowing what they have done without supervision.

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