Forklift Truck Simulator (ForkLift) of LSyM puts you at the controls of one of the most important vehicles of heavy duty industries. The truck is a vehicle poised at the back, which, using two forks, can transport and stack loads usually mounted on platforms or pallets.

It is made for heavy and industrial duty, and it is used in warehouses and self-service stores to transport platforms or pallets with goods and place them in shelves or racks. It holds heavy loads that no group of people could stand by itself, and it saves hours of work because it moves a considerable weight at once instead of dividing the contents of the platforms in parts or sections.

External view Forklift Truck Simulator

Different types of machine available

In the simulator you can use both diesel type machine and an electrical type, each one with its own characteristics, such as motors, modelling details, etc. that accurately reproduce the behaviour of real machines. Also you can use a pallet truck with specific exercises for this purpose.

Forklift Simulator Graphical User Interface Forklift simulator working inside the warehouse


  • Cockpit located on a 6 degrees of freedom platform.
  • Realistic control console.
  • Real steering wheel for driving.
  • Accelerator and brake pedals.
  • Instructor console with total control over the simulation.
  • Real environment digital sound effects.
  • Projection system with multiple screens of high resolution, configurable in the position and with the desired views (front, side, mirrors, etc).
Forklift Truck Simulator Plataform Instructor View Forklift Truck Simulator Rain weather Forklift Truck Simulator

Visualization system

  • High quality HD images, generated in real time.
  • Real 3D graphics.
  • Picture textures from a real facility.
  • External views displaying machine parameters.
  • Heads-Up Display (HUD) for operator which showing information about positions and machine parameters, height of forks, separation, mast inclination, engine information, etc.

HUD Forklift Truck Simulator

Special driving conditions

  • Weather events: wind, rain, fog...
  • Variable light conditions, from full light to night time. Work with artificial light.
  • Simulation of accidents and collisions, with realistic response.
  • Working with asymmetric or unbalanced loads.
  • Injected of faults in the machine, elementos deteriorados, etc.
  • Other vehicles included on stage, such as transport trucks, crane trucks, etc. They contribute to the realistic environment.
  • Exercise editor included, which allows you to create custom exercises.

Forklift Truck Simulator. Another concept of simulation

The Forklift Truck Simulator belongs to a new generation of training simulators, which allow you to learn all the concepts necessary for driving and working with a Forklift Truck, including the basic management of the device features, the handling of loads and the distribution, the driving in all the possible situations, of danger or emergency, loading and unloading works and other exercises. The Forklift of LSyM is accurate to their real counterparts: with real motorized articulations, mass distribution and the exact arrangement of the controls, such as levers, pedals, etc…

The simulator has different blocks of exercises designed to train the skills necessary to operate the forklift.

  • Theoretical exercises.
  • Familiarization exercises with the controls and faults in the machine.
  • Driving exercises of increasing difficulty, both on flat surfaces and on slopes.
  • Load and unload, on floor, shelves, trucks and trailers, etc.
  • Work with asymmetric loads.
  • Free exercises.
  • Exercise editor to create custom exercises.

Reports at the instructor's console

Instructor can consult reports by users and exercises with the following information:

  • Starting and ending time, date.
  • Time length.
  • Finished exercises.
  • Control handling log.
  • Graphics and logs of velocity y velocity maximum exceeded.
  • Graphs with movements made, height and angle of forks.
  • Collision log.
  • Dangerous maneuvers log.
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