A Drilling Jumbo is a rock drilling machine. They are generally used in underground mining, if the extraction is done by drilling and blasting. They are also used in tunnels, if the hardness of the rock prevents the use of tunnel machines.

Why use the Drilling Jumbo simulator?

The use of the simulator increasingly develops the student abilities by submitting him to scenarios such as: familiarization of controls, practice in different conditions and even collaborative exercises with different machines at the same time.

Drilling jumbo drilling Drilling jumbo drilling Drilling jumbo
Control panel

Main functions

  • Theory module.
  • Real start and stop procedure.
  • The driving and operation of the machine is done in a mine carefully designed to perform all the necessary exercises.
  • Precise simulation of machine transmission.
  • Response of the machine dependent on the load.
  • Dynamic avatars.
  • Information on screen for both the user and the instructor.
  • Information window with the status and position of the machinery and operation commands.
  • Softpanel design and implementation that allows full control of the machine using the PC mouse.

Instructional design

Our simulator consists of a complete instructional design divided into blocks, within each block a series of exercises that progressively increase its difficulty appear as the student overcomes them.

Operator errors and notes are recorded and reported, we have a report where it marks collisions, graphs and evaluates your exercise.

The results of the exercise are automatically saved, so students can move forward as they wish, always knowing what they have done without supervision.

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