Hardware Components

All our simulators have been designed using standard COTS components (Commercial Off The Shelf), thus achieving a reduction in acquisition and maintenance costs, as well as ensuring the customer's independence in the selection of the component supplier.


At LSyM we use a single computer that manages all the functions of the simulator, including simulation software, sensor data processing, screens and the instructor interface, hence allows us provide a cost beneficial simulator option. Such decision is also associated with an easier hardware maintenance and lower failure rates.

single computer



Responsible for projecting images to the user. Depending on the required level of immersion, the system is equipped with a single visual, expandable up to nine views (display channels). Optionally, the visual system can display 3D images, using an active or passive stereo implementation. Size and Full HD display of the screens is elective.


Depending on the machine simulator LSyM uses different types of seats. For example, harbour cranes are equipped with authentic crane operator seat (Grammer) adjustable in height, angle and distance.




The operator console imitates most of the controls of the real machine cabin. It is designed in a way, that is easy to operate the most complex machinery.

LSyM's consoles are:

  • Multifunctional (can be used for more than one machine).
  • Durable (High quality material).


In addition to traditional experiences, LSyM simulators have the ability to run through virtual reality. The user will be able to perform the exercises as if he/she were inside the simulation, interact with the environment and operate the machine.

An immersive experience is different from just using a screen as it allows you to submerge completely into the simulated environment.

Virtual reality offers:

  • Great immersion effect in the simulation.
  • Greater feeling of being and controlling the machine from the inside.
  • Greater freedom when observing and moving the camera from the driver's point of view.
  • Great customization of the position of controls.
USB Ports

2 x USB 3.0
If infrared towers are available, the following will also be needed 2 x USB 3.0

Graphics Card

Must beVR Ready

Video Port

DisplayPort/HDMI input (depending on Oculus model)

  • Prolonged use of the Oculus virtual reality goggles, possession of any disabling medical condition or extra items, such as eyeglasses, may cause some discomfort such as discomfort or dizziness.
  • Check the fit of the goggles' straps to the head for proper fit.
  • Make sure that you have a space free of elements that may impede, disturb or be hit during the simulation with the glasses.

For more information on health and safety, please refer to the following link:


To run the simulator in this mode, virtual reality goggles and a motion sensor to capture the user's hand gestures will be required. To get the full experience of the simulator through virtual reality glasses, it is crucial to mount the Leap Motion capture device on the frame of the Oculus glasses and ensure the correct positioning.

Meta Quest 2

Model of virtual reality glasses of the Oculus brand, without built-in computer. Valid models for this simulator are the Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest 2.


In order to achieve a real movement and very advanced feeling of realism, hardware platform is equipped with a motion system. Motion platform can used as base of a cabin simulator or be located under a seat. The motion effects include:

  • Dynamic shocks.
  • Structural deflections.
  • Collisions with objects.
  • Vibrations in the equipement.
  • Terrain interaction.

LSyM uses only providers that meet high reliability and safety requirements. All motion platforms support VR technology and ensure extremely quiet and smooth operation.

dof 2

Is a professional motion system with two degrees of freedom, dedicated for use under the seats or standing person on the floor (1,5m x 1,5m). The small footprint, self-locking gears and simple, reliable design allows the machine to be used for many applications dedicated to professional simulation, image stabilization.

dof 3

Three degrees of freedom motion platfore is an ealistic simulations at three-axis with excellent smoothness and movement repeatability.

dof 6

Six-degree-of-freedom parallel manipulator allows execution of three translational movements and three rotational movements about the vertical, longitudinal and lateral axis.

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