A Rubber-Tyred & Rail Gantry Crane or RTG (Transtainer®) crane is a large gantry crane, which can travel on both rails (RMG: Rail Mounted Gantry Crane) and tires (RTG: Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane). When Transtainer® cranes run on rails, they have a limited range of operations because it can only operate on its rails. On tires they have a wider operating range.

Transtainer® Cranes are used for loading and unloading of containers on trucks or wagons or to put containers one above the other.

The solution developed by the Laboratory for Simulation and Modelling (LSyM) is a complete system that incorporates the latest technologies used in the field of simulation for training, including projection equipment from high performance to the necessary training materials for learning development and training of the operators of your company.

The trastainer crane is used in container terminals for cargo management at these terminals. To the inherent difficulty of working with containers, is added in this case the crane manoeuvre down the street and the necessary attention to truck traffic on the existing terminal.

Transtainer Crane

Characteristics of the simulator

The general purpose of the Transtainer® Crane simulator or RTG is both the training of inexperienced operators and the training of expert operators who wish to improve skills. The objectives we pursue are:

  • Improve the economic performance of real cranes by dedicating less time to operator training.
  • Improve the learning curve of the operator, acquiring more skill in less time.
  • Prepare the operator so that he can deal with adverse situations safely and efficiently.
  • Related to the previous point: Increase safety for both operators and cranes.
  • Achieve a quality image projection of the port.
  • Build an immersive environment based on "Virtual Reality" techniques analogous to the real environment of a control cabin of a harbour crane.

The user, using controls similar to those of a real machine, will perceive the same movement and the same sounds that would perceive doing the operations on a real Transtainer® Crane. You will see a work environment the same point of view that would have operating the real crane.

For this we have a fully configurable cabin with real controls, located on a mechanical system that provides the sensation of movement and with an audio and video system that is responsible for creating an immersive learning environment.


Transtainer Crane truck loadTranstainer Crane 40 feet container

Physical equipment:

  • Cabin located on platform with 6 degrees of freedom
  • Realistic Console control
  • Instructor console with total control of the simulation
  • Digital sound effects from the real environment
  • Projection system with three high-resolution screens, one front and two lateral.

RTG: View from Instructor Console control RTG: View from window of software control of crane

Visualization system:

  • High quality images, generated in real time.
  • 3D graphics.

RTG: Visualization system

  • Picture textures from a real facility.
  • External views displaying machine parameters.
  • Stereoscopic mode.
  • Heads-Up Display showing information about positions and machine parameters.

RTG Heads-Up Display RTG Heads-Up Display

Special conditions:

  • Weather events: wind, rain, fog, snow, etc.
RTG Simulator: Working in rainRTG Simulator: Working in fog
  • Work in different time zones: sunrise, day, sunset, night.
RTG Simulator: Working with light at dawnRTG Simulator: Working with light at night
  • Artificial light.
  • Realistic response to collisions.
  • Working with poorly loaded containers.

Other integrated elements

  • Sensors (Advanced and HID)

The events income and analogue signals system of the simulator is made to be highly configurable and can be used from gaming devices to high-level electronic boards.

Each client can configure through a simple interface the use of the controls to their liking and according to the type of equipment they use.

  • Moving platform

The simulator is capable of using a moving platform to simulate sudden movements and accelerations which occur in the real machine.

The main aim is to get the user perceive a greater sense of realism and immersion in learning. Many times, carrying out exercises with virtual reality simulators, either because of its difficulty and lack of physical responses, can cause demotivation on the user of these simulators.

  • Collaborative

The simulator is ready to simulate several cranes (of the same or different type) in the same environment at the same time.

This way a single instructor can evaluate two or more operators while they’re controlling a crane.

  • Languages

Our simulators offer a multi-language medium. Thanks to the settings panel, you can easily change the language in which the simulator is shown. We currently offer translations into Spanish, English, French and Portuguese, if the language you want is not among the above, please contact us.

It is also possible to train the skills of future machine operators to better communicate and improve efficiency when working with others.

Main operations for training:

The simulator has different blocks of exercises designed to train the following skills:

  • Actual starting and stopping sequence of the crane.
  • Loading and unloading from trucks
  • Removals
  • Working with and without trimming
  • Control of the twist-locks
  • Working with 20 and 40 feet containers
RTG Simulator: Spreader 20 feet containerRTG Simulator: Spreader 40 feet container
  • Working in manual and automatic mode
  • User and instructor information on the screen
  • Status information window of the crane and operation commands
  • Turning wheels for street changing
  • Correction of the direction of travel on the street

RTG Simulator: blocks of exercises

Reports at the instructor's console:

Instructor can consult reports by users and exercises with the following information:

  • Date
  • Starting and ending time
  • Time length
  • Finished exercises
  • Control handling log
  • Velocity log
  • Collision log
  • Dangerous maneuvers log
RTG Simulator: ReportsRTG Simulator: Reports