LSyM began its activity by developing five simulators of port machinery for the Society of Stowage of Port of Valencia (SEVASA). More than fifteen years have passed and today all the simulators continue working and forming in tasks related to port stowage and more specifically to the movement of containers to hundreds of workers.

A collaborative simulation environment has been developed, in which the set of processes that are developed within a port environment can be simulated in real time. A RoRo tractor (Roll On-Roll Off Tractor) can bring a container that is hooked by a container crane (STS - Ship To Shore Crane), while a Transtainer® (also known as RTG - Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane) operates in parallel with more ReachStackers on the same terminal. In this way you can train several operators in parallel, using several simulators that share the same environment and interact with each other.

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