The High Capacity Forklift Simulator of LSyM covers the need for training in forklifts for the handling of containers and palletized loads from the port terminal to the interior, for later storage in ships or warehouses.

Enabling container unloading near a port so that the palletized cargo is moved inland and empty containers can be returned directly to the export post is not new, but it is an increasingly popular supply chain model. In this simulator there are a series of exercises for loading and unloading of containers, palletizing and special containers.

A forklift is also known as a lift truck essentially because it’s a truck that can lift loads using a set of forks. A forklift can be used in numerous places such as warehouses, factories, farms, shipping yards and much more.

The program simulates the Hyster 32-12, a very popular model in port terminals around the world and can lift extremely large loads up to 48 tons (e.g. shipping containers to a very high height).

Forklift drivers only need a starter or refresher course to get up to speed on new techniques and eliminate bad habits that they may have acquired over the years. A simple course in the High Capacity Elevator Simulator developed by the LSyM group can avoid cost overruns in operator preparation cycles.

Why use the High Capacity Forklift simulator developed by LSyM?

Completing a driver training course increases three main aspects within your workplace:

  • Productivity: Familiarisation with the equipment’s capabilities and features enables the operator to complete tasks in the most productive manner.
  • Efficiency: Training enables the operator to handle and manoeuvre the equipment in the most time and energy conscious manner.
  • Safety: The operator will be trained to ensure the equipment is being used in the safest fashion and be aware of hazards that may arise so they can take cautionary actions to prevent injuries.
High Capacity Forklift Simulator front view High Capacity Forklift Simulator with containers view High Capacity Forklift Simulator
High Capacity Forklift Simulator Cabin View


  • Cockpit located on a 6 degrees of freedom platform.
  • Realistic control console.
  • Real steering wheel for driving.
  • Accelerator and brake pedals.
  • Instructor console with total control over the simulation.
  • Real environment digital sound effects.
  • Projection system with multiple screens of high resolution, configurable in the position and with the desired views (front, side, mirrors, etc).

Visualization system

  • High quality images, generated in real time.
  • 3D graphics.
  • Picture textures from a real facility.
  • External views displaying machine parameters.
  • Stereoscopic mode.
  • Heads-Up Display showing information about positions and machine parameters.

Special driving conditions

  • Weather events: wind, rain, fog, snow, etc.
  • Realistic light conditions, from full light to night time. Work with artificial light
  • Simulation of accidents and collisions, with realistic response
  • Working with asymmetric or unbalanced loads
  • Faults injection in the machine, deteriorated elements, etc.
  • Other vehicles included on stage, such as transport trucks, crane trucks, etc. They contribute to the realistic environment
  • Exercise editor included, which allows you to create custom exercises

Instructional design

The High Capacity Forklift Simulator have been development by LSyM group has a complete instructional system that is divided into blocks, each of these blocks includes a series of exercises that progressively increase its difficulty as the student completes them.

  • Theoretical exercises.
  • Familiarization exercises with the controls and faults in the machine.
  • Driving exercises of increasing difficulty, both on flat surfaces and on slopes.
  • Load and unload, on floor, shelves, trucks and trailers, etc.
  • Work with asymmetric loads.
  • Free exercises.
  • Exercise editor to create custom exercises.

Reports at the instructor's console

Instructor can consult reports by users and exercises with the following information:

  • Date.
  • Starting and ending time.
  • Time length.
  • Finished exercises.
  • Control handling log.
  • Velocity log.
  • Collision log.
  • Dangerous maneuvers log.
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