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We are a research group dedicated to the development of training systems, integrated in the IRTIC (Institute of Robotics and Information and Communication Technologies), belonging to the University of Valencia (UV), located in Valencia, Spain.


You can contact one of our experts in the following ways:



You can contact one of our experts in the following ways:


Simulation System developed by the Laboratory for Simulation and Modelling (LSyM) is a complete system that incorporates the latest technologies used in the field of simulation for training, including projection equipment from high performance to the necessary training materials for learning development and training of the operators of your company.


State - of - the - art Product

Our Products are designed by the brightest minds in the area of robotics and simulation. Read more

Bespoke Solution

Over 25 years of experience in machinery simulators development gives us expertise to provide a custom-made simulator shaped to the customer's needs and expectations. Read more

All-round Provider

Having a team of in-house specialists gives us a big competitive advantage in speed and price because we do not rely on any third parties, as our Software and Hardware are designed and manufactured internally. Read more

Customer Support

Attending our customer’s needs quickly and effectively is one of our main priorities. Read more


LSYM offers simulators for every budget and needs. Whether you need a basic simulator or an immersive simulator, we offer a wide range of scalable, flexible simulator training solutions. (See Hardware Options)

Unique Learning System

We understand students and teachers. Our Learning Methodology was developed based on experience of professors and teaching staff from around the world, which makes teaching more efficient, but also allows to monitor the effectiveness of the learning.

Risk Free

Our main aim is to offer a product where there are no risks to the operators, machines and environment. Our system allows making mistakes in the virtual world and by enhancing competences, ensures they don't happen in the real one (Read more about our Learning Methodology here).

Collaborative Mode

We are pioneers in implementing a collaborative simulation environment where several simulators can work together, sharing the same virtual scenario. Read more

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