The Empty Container Handler is a vehicle that is used to handle empty or light containers.

They are used in port terminals, especially in container yards, to move and stack empty containers.

Handling light containers allows the vehicle to stack between five and eight containers.

Why use the Empty Container Handler simulator?

LSyM presents an advanced ECH (Empty Container Handler) simulator. For its development, the most advanced techniques have been used in 3D graphics applications, unlocking the full potential of one of the most powerful and widespread graphics engines, the OpenSceneGraph. In this line of development, the Empty Container Handler simulator provides a total immersion environment which makes this simulator the ideal tool to develop operator skills, offer you the training material to carry out your routine and prepare you for the use of the royal crane.

The main objective of this simulator is to be able to fully train future ECH operators in a cheaper and less dangerous way than it would be to do the same operation on the real crane.

Empty_Container_Terminal Empty container working Empty container front view
Control panel

Main functions

  • Theory module.
  • Real start and stop procedure.
  • The driving and the operation of the machine is carried out in a port environment carefully designed to be able to carry out all the necessary exercises.
  • Precise simulation of machine transmission.
  • Load dependent machine response.
  • Dynamic avatars.
  • On-screen information for both the user and the instructor.
  • Information window with the status and position of the machinery and operating commands.
  • Softpanel design and implementation that allows full control of the machine using the PC mouse.

Instructional design

Our simulator consists of a complete instructional design divided into blocks, within each block a series of exercises appear that progressively increase their difficulty as the student overcomes them.

The errors and notes of the operator are recorded and reported, we have a report where you mark collisions, graphs and evaluate your exercise.

The results of the exercise are automatically saved, so that students can advance as they wish, always knowing what they have done without supervision.

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